What an Asperger adult would like to see changed in elementary school

What an Asperger adult would like to see changed in elementary school
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A little about my Asperger adult son. He was first diagnosed at the age of 6. He was ODD, OCD, ADHD, ADD, but mostly moderate to high-functioning Asperger Syndrome. We tried 18 different meds, several doctors, several school changes. Nothing seemed to work until I quit working and started using visual aids with every little thing we did. My son now functions as an adult with ADD.

Special Needs children in elementary school


While talking to my son of almost 21 years of age, to get insight as to what he went through. I asked him what parents and ASD/ADD/ADHD children need most while attending elementary school. Let me tell you, the response is heartbreaking.

  • Stop isolating the children that need special attention this makes us feel different. -Who wants to feel different?
  • We know you are frustrated, stop taking it out on us. – All children absorb the mood of the room they are in and mimic the behaviors.
  • Actually, listen to the child when they are trying to explain what they need. Please!
  • Encourage the other children to play with someone different. Stop Isolating the children you are making it worse.
  • No, I can not sit down, I can stand and write at a drafting table.


After talking to my son I realized how hard elementary school was for him.  Not only what his Asperger diagnosis brought to the table but what unfamiliar adults and unrealistic guidelines were imposed on him as well.

Research and views have come a long way when it comes to Asperger/ADD/ADHD and ASD.  We still have a long way to go before our children can function at their greatest potential in elementary school.