Visually Necessary program

Visually Necessary program
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The following link is a PowerPoint of my visual aid program, “Visually Necessary”. I left a secure job to find my calling in life.  While taking a communications class I accidentally created “Visually Necessary”.  I had just beaten a cancer diagnosis I was not supposed to out live.  I knew I was on this earth to do more than customer service. The paper I was writing was about unfair testing of students with special needs.  A topic close to my heart, special needs, my son is an Asperger adult now.

The Visually Necessary program


While doing research for my paper I found visual aids. Story boards, cue cards, puppets and so on.  And how these visuals help children comprehend verbal commands. I am familiar with visual aids, I used them in my own day care when my son was first diagnosed. The visuals I used were objects you can touch, not pictures.  I knew flat visuals did not help my son at all.  And, I knew my son watched the children in the class. Mostly because he wanted to make friends. That’s what all children want. To be accepted to be like everyone else. I had been to my son’s classroom many times.  I knew my son watched the children in the class. Why, to comprehend what the teacher was teaching.  It hit me, why not use the children in the class as the visual aid along with the storyboards and cue cards. And Visually Necessary, in a sense, was born.

The following is the PowerPoint of the program, Visually Necessary 2. The PowerPoint is broken down into how the program works in the classroom.  This is done by using your whole body as the visual, similar to sign language but on a much larger scale. It is my goal to incorporate Visually Necessary into daycare’s and elementary schools, world wide.

Please contact me at kelley0667@yahoo.com to discuss implementing this program in your day care, preschool and elementary school. I am available for training in the classroom as well.