Visual aid techniques to help your child feel less frustration

Visual aid techniques to help your child feel less frustration
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At times the people that need to be taught visual techniques are adults. I know I am always willing to learn. At one time I thought I may want to work in a daycare center. I owned a daycare in my home years ago. Working in a daycare center would be a great experience.  And, I may be able to use my visual aid program in the center.

Visuals are for children and adults


On my first day as a teacher’s aid I sat and watched the teacher explain to the children to pull the tape off of the table. I wondered how an 18-month-old would know how to do this without being shown, visually, to take the take off of the table. This is what I observed:

  • As I waited, each child that was called over was not shown how to take the tape off of the table.
  • The younger children did not see any visuals for pulling tape off the table so did no pass the test.
  • The older children passed the test because they already learned to watch for a visual and listen for direction.
  • I suggested to the teacher that she may want to visually show the children how to take a piece of tape off the table.
  • The teacher showed the next child how to remove the table and you guessed it. The child was able to pull the tape off of the table.

Visual training is as easy as showing a storyboard or a cue card, for example. A cue card with a child running up to a STOP sign. If you are in a foreign land unaware of the language as written you would not know what a STOP sign looks like or how to read one.  A child running up to a STOP sign, you would run up to the STOP sign and STOP. A picture of a child sitting in a chair. The visual, pull up the chair and sit in the chair. Lessen the frustration of a visual by using your body as the aid to the storyboard or cue card. The technique is easy, remembering to use it is hard.  If the teacher was aware of the Visually Necessary program the child would of been able take the tape off of the table on the first try.

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