Three tips to help ease behaviors your Asperger child may exhibit during the holidays

Three tips to help ease behaviors your Asperger child may exhibit during the holidays
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The Holidays are probably the worst time of year for Asperger children.


Asperger children balancing their behavior
Balancing behavior


The family they barely know or remember, being in new surroundings.  As a parent, you would like to give your child pleasant memories of the holidays.   The family doesn’t understand how hard it is for you and on your child.  So I made a list of three tips that you can use for your Asperger child during holiday gatherings.

  1. Practice the scenario using positivity and active visuals. (a clock showing when the next activity occurs) If you are not able to use active visual’s, Simon Says works well also.
  2. Show your child pictures of family members that will be at Thanksgiving dinner. Remind them how wonderful their relatives are. Our Asperger children respond to visuals first then are able to comprehend the direction. Meaning, a picture will remind your child of what was expected at the previous holiday. This will then remind them of the faces, positive emotions and directions that were given during the event. Visuals, positive emotions, directions comprehended.
  3. Visit the site your holiday will be celebrated prior to the event. Let your child become comfortable with their surroundings. Arrive at your Thanksgiving festivities before everyone else if possible. Let your child find there “safe place” and allow them to be in their safe place. It’s called a “safe place” to allow your child to control their emotions and be in control of themselves. Ultimately, stopping a meltdown your child may be feeling.

I hope these techniques help your family enjoy the holiday’s rather than have another stressful day. From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!