Being the “person” in an Asperger child’s life, part 2.

Being the “person” in an Asperger child’s life, part 2.
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Yesterday I gave the first strategy in a list of strategies that will make your Asperger child’s and your families life better, easier and less frustration.

I said that being “there” for your child is first. What this means is, our Asperger children learn visually. I prefer active visuals because they give the most direction without speaking. Once the visual queue is grasped the verbal can then be followed with simultaneously using visual and verbal. Why? because the child’s emotions have not been disturbed.
With Asperger children, they need to be eased into any emotional change. Your child trusts you, they know that they can be themselves and not worry about being misunderstood, they will be emotionally safe.
Smooth emotional interruptions work best. Giving a time limit on when the next interruption is, following the same schedule every week.
This is why the child needs you “there”. And when I say you I mean the person that is with them the most (parapro, mom, dad, grandparent). It can be several different people that are the Asperger child’s “person”. Once the “person” learns this strategy.
I am not a doctor or a counselor, I am a mother. The information I give is from experience and what has worked with my children (Asperger, ODD, SPD and ADHD, extreme Anxiety) and other children in my life. The first strategy is major and needed additional information to relay the strategy properly.
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Take Care and we will talk soon.

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