How to manage and change your High Functioning Asperger, ADD, and ADHD child’s behavior.

How to manage and change your High Functioning Asperger, ADD, and ADHD child’s behavior.
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Wouldn’t you like to know how to manage and change your Asperger, ADD and ADHD child’s behavior?  I am a prime example of “I wish I knew then what I know now.” I can’t do this anymore, sound familiar?  I think I said this every day of my son’s life from the age of 4. It started with hitting his sister for no reason. Literally no reason for a 4-year-old to hit a baby swinging in her swing.  Not listening, no meant lets see how far I can push you. Waking up in the middle of the night always led to a mess. I remember waking up to a mess of 3 different nail polish colors swirled around in the ceramic bathroom sink and all over his little sister. Ugh.

With age came bigger messes. I will never forget the year my son got up early in the morning and opened everyone’s Christmas present that he could find in the house.  What’s a mom to do other than improvise.  So I grabbed a few garbage bags and threw his sisters presents in the bags with a note that said.  “I am sorry but the north pole was out wrapping paper.”

Here we go again

With age came bigger problems.  Why must your child be near this little girl constantly? Why isn’t your son able to sit during story time, your son needs to climb the picky “scary rope” in gym class.  It was so bad I was at the school constantly to advocate for my son.  We were finally granted a Parapro after an autistic impairment diagnosis.

When you have an unstable relationship with your spouse your children can feel the tension. Boy of boy was that the truth. When my husband and I would fight my son’s behavior got worse.  My patience grew less and less with every argument. My mom had passed away, I barely had any help from family in regards to childcare. Maybe you are a single parent as I was for a few years.  I actually felt like a single parent when I was married.  All that tension and stress that you feel so is your child(ren).

When I say I can’t take this anymore that’s what I mean.  I was receiving calls daily informing me that my son was acting out.  He wouldn’t listen to his Parapro’s instructions.  He was found running from his Parapro on several occasions. I thought I would go to the school and see whats going on. I walked into my son’s classroom and saw my son getting in line and his Parapro next to him pinching his arms. Let me tell you, this momma bear blew her top. From that moment on I learned to listen to my son’s actions.

I wish I could say this instance was the last that we dealt with abuse and bullying from friends and family. It was not. Why is it that special need children are the target of abuse and bullying?  The target for overly frustrated people to take out their frustrations on. Just because our child doesn’t understand or respond in the manner that is expected by the frustrated person does not give them the right to use them as their punching bag.

It stops now

This is what I have to say about these frustrated people who can’t handle their own lives. Too freaking bad. I am also going to let you know that from this moment on we are not going to sit around feeling sorry for ourselves.  That stops now.  Our children are too important and deserve a great life. Here’s the secret to changing your Asperger, ADD and ADHD child’s behavior. It starts with you. Once you change your demeanor in every situation and remain positive with your tone and actions your child will change as well.

Why you? Because we are the main caregiver in our child’s life. Therefore we are who mold our child’s day until they reach daycare and elementary school age. It is up to us to relay our visual aide techniques, positive reinforcement, and the Visually Necessary program that I am going to teach you.  By following this quick start list you manage and change your Asperger, ADD and ADHD child’s behavior and have the basic techniques necessary for a great start to every day.

The next post we will be talking about where we as parents fit into managing your child’s behavior.  We are much more important in this scenario than we know.

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