Knowledge is power when teaching our Asperger children!

Knowledge is power when teaching our Asperger children!
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Within my blog, you will find crucial information that will ease the stress of not only yourself but your Asperger children, ADD and ADHD children as well.  My site is for all children of every learning level. Including children that are just having a rough day. You will find techniques that will help you give direction to your child so they can understand the direction, no matter the situation. My information comes from 20 years of experience caring for my 2 children, one of which has high-functioning Asperger Syndrome. I am knowledgeable and experienced with IEP’s from 1st grade through high school. Are you aware that you are in charge of an IEP meeting?  The ins and outs of a para pros, medication, and diet.  The list goes on and on.

As a parent, you protect your child and want to keep them safe.  If your child has a disability you have additional worries.  I found myself being my child’s “bubble wrap”.  Explaining constantly why my son behaved in the manner he did and that my son just wanted to play. Different doesn’t need to be scary. The techniques I use in my program will stop children from being afraid of a child that is different because they will be teaching each other and working together.

Visuals are Necessary for Asperger children

I created a visual aid program, Visually Necessary, that will create a sense of everyone working towards a goal.  The goal is to lessen frustrations within the home, day cares and as the children age, elementary schools. For detailed instructions, please read the post “Visual Techniques to help your child feel less frustration”.  This post is for young children prior to day care and elementary school.

When using the program, children start daycare and kindergarten will be taught to act out storyboards and cue cards. Then move on to being the visual aid in the classroom. Please read the post “Visually Necessary program” for more details.

Remember to sign up for your visual aid checklist, future in depth training, a survey for what you need assistance with most, and group conversations.  You can sign up here and you can also sign up to Akabubblewrap & Asperger Support Facebook group.

You will also want to check out the current post regarding, “Managing your Asperger, ADD and ADHD child’s behavior“.  There is some amazing insight within this post.

Please enjoy my blog, where my goal is always to help children gain a positive outcome.