The basic strategy for conquering your Asperger child’s frustrations

The basic strategy for conquering your Asperger child’s frustrations
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Let’s change your Asperger child’s life and your’s. How?


Changing the daily struggles of your Asperger child’s life and your’s is a daily challenge. It’s a process that includes everything you are already doing, all at once, including additional strategies. You literally have to take care of yourself first, at the same time and after caring for your Asperger child. You and your Asperger child are a team. It’s hard, a balancing act, but can be done. Once you conquer this strategy, everything, I mean everything falls into place and life is better. Your families better, no two children are the same.

I am here for you and to help. I have lived your life and I know what works. You have read this far so you are interested and know you need additional help, right? Stay tuned for daily strategies to situations that arise among young Asperger children in the home and elementary school.

I have experience as a mom of a 21-year-old Asperger son. I am starting with strategies from elementary school age because this is where the basic strategies start.

The first strategy, your child needs to know that you are “there” for them. Not just know, they have to feel it and they won’t know until they feel it. This takes time. It takes being in the room as soon as your child is upset, frustrated, scared. Once the Asperger child understands said emotion they can then understand how to handle it.

If you would like more, in-depth details of each strategy please leave a comment and let me know. I can hold live training on the strategy.

Thank you and I will be back tomorrow with a new strategy.

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